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2020 - A year to remember

So how's everyone been coping with current situation?

I'm not going to lie...I have struggled!

When I was first told we would have to close schools, businesses and not allowed to go out unless absolutely necessary. I panicked.

Now I have never had any mental health issues. Maybe the odd panic over whether my bum looks big in a certain pair of jeans but other than that I'm pretty average Joe.

But then, all of a sudden I'm now a mum who's had her business force to close and take everything online. A mum who's now having to become a teacher to a student who has no idea what is going on and thinks he's on holiday. A mum who works two part time jobs. As well as just being a mum, daughter, a then wife and most of all being...ME...Kay.

A woman who likes to read, craft and most of all likes a bit of solitude. Even if that means just being able to go to the toilet on her own!

Now don't get me wrong, I love my boys and I have loved all the extra time I have had with them. But it still doesn't excuse the culture shock we ALL have had to deal with.

So I had my down time. I went MIA. Took some time out and went completely off social media. I ended up losing a few things (business wise) which I admit stung a little bit, but now I look at it as a blessing in disguise. It was the wrong time and I wasn't up for the job.

After a couple of weeks, or adjustment period as I like to call it, I woke up and realised this isn't over. My life is not over. It's just a chapter, just one chapter. If I want to get through this then I need to do something now. This is just going to be a moment in time I will tell the kids about when they're older. Something we will reminisce over dinner one night.

But most of's not the end.

So I got on and I did it. Yeah it took me longer than most. Yeah I did take some time out to sort my head out. Yeah I didn't do a great job at home schooling. But I bloody well tried!

If it's one lesson that I have not only taught myself but something I am hoping to pass onto my kids, is that I didn't give up. This mummy with two jobs and a business did not give up!

She is made up of the strong stuff!

Ok so I haven't changed anyones lives. I haven't been a big inspiration. I didn't raise any money for charity.

But what I have done is shown two little boys that it's ok not to be ok. It's ok to take some time out. You don't have to be on point all the time. Take the time you need and when you're ready, come back stronger.

So stay safe everyone and for gods sake please keep 2 metres apart! I really want to come out of hiding now and maybe plan a holiday...

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