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First of many....?!

Hello, this is my first ever blog...please be gentle!

So a bit about me..

Since I can remember I have been an avid crafter. Pestering my mum and dad for art supplies so I can recreate what Neil from Art Attack was making (a UK 90's show....amazing!) and wanting to do the 'here's what I made earlier' from Blue Peter. 

My real passion is sewing and submerging myself in fabric. It wasn't until 2013 I decided to try my hand at a craft fair. After a few fairs and barely making my table money back I went on to open a shop. Crazy I know...not making any money at craft fairs to opening a shop! Not great business sense but stay with me...

So a massive leap and the most scariest but worthwhile experience of my life later, I opened a shop in my local village called Unique Retail. A shop that rents out space to other like minded people...fabric hoarders...who love stationary and generally all things crafting! 

We have been going a little over 2 years now and have evolved from a 'pop up shop' with only 15 suppliers to a shop in the high street with over 50 suppliers and a haberdashery and crafting supplies (albeit small but ever growing!).

Here I will be writing about my trial and tribulations about running a handmade shop...the good, the bad and even the ugly!

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