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Life after Lockdown?

During lockdown I really didn't think there was an end in sight. Reading about every historical pandemic history has ever encountered from Black Plague to the Spanish flu, I really thought lockdown was going to be the new norm.

I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not completely naive in thinking we are going to be done and dusted by the end of the month. However reading up on some of these events that lasted years going into do we get through this modern day version of a pandemic?

We have been threatened with the likely hood of recession, more lockdowns and worst still the death rate to rise. So how do we keep calm and carry on when constantly being fed these sort of headlines. To be honest I don't think there is an answer. We're all human and we all have a different way of coping with this sort of information.

For me and my two boys, its to pour our energy into something positive. The eldest is going through a 'I love anything shark and dinosaur related' stage at the moment. This has led us into researching everything to do with dinosaurs and sharks which in turn, has led us to find out that sharks are actually in danger due to over fishing (for their fins) as well as pollution. Now because we are in the very south of England, there isn't much call for 'Save the Sharks' type groups so he's not able to join anything. Instead we have decided to do our bit by going out and picking up litter, and in the words of my beautiful 5yr old...'to stop the sharks from eating the rubbish and dying'

Now who can argue with that!

Prior to the pandemic making its mark on 2020, we were taking a stance on climate change and how plastic is getting into every inch of the environment, including our food and the air we breathe. But that seems like a distant memory now. All that work and somehow it seems like it was for nothing. The sea is now being polluted with disposable masks and gloves. Where ever you look, albeit it be a supermarket carpark or the local park, these masks seem to be everywhere.

Since spending more time with this precious little boy, he has given me the new lease (or the kick up the bum!) I have needed to get back to it. To get back to the why we were doing it in the first place. The reason we wanted to save our environment and everything that we share with it. So if you don't find me out combing the beach picking up litter with my 2 most important people in my life then you're finding me making items to show everyone that these small changes can have a huge impact.

Yes I know there is a global pandemic on at the moment and the last thing people care about is how much plastic is in a face mask. That being said, didn't the pictures of crystal clear waters in Venice or smog free skies in India and L.A. spark some sort OMG notion? To want to go out and be able to carry on this spectacular change?

For me it did. Coming home from work to tell my boys about how many deers or birds of prey I had seen during the day (which is very unheard of even in the New Forest) it was amazing! Even for me who's grown up and spent my whole life in this area, for them to be running around our roads because its so quiet has been stunning. So with all this paired with my boy being obsessed with saving the sharks, I can't think of anything else but helping our planet.

So if your out and about with your disposable mask....for the love of god please put it in the bin! Or better yet buy a reusable one! You can get them everywhere now so no excuses. Same with gloves....bins are everywhere...even in your own home #justsaying

Stay safe everyone!

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