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Who Rules The World...We Certainly Don't!

So it sounds a bit harsh but it does have a certain ring of truth.

If you haven't seen current affairs lately you have well and truly living in a bubble and not a great one.

Sadly we have ruined our beautiful planet to the brink that there may not be a return. With climate change, the Amazon burning AND being cut down for our ever increasing meat consumption and plastic literally consuming our oceans. It's got to change..we HAVE to do something. Ignorance is not going to cut it anymore.

I am a massive believer in Law of Attraction. We attract what we give out. We control the energy around us. Manifesting. Positive thinking. The works!

When I speak to people who also believe in LOA, to keep themselves in a positive state, they detract themselves away from reality. Don't listen to the news so they don't get any bad vibes from what is happening in the world. They keep themselves in a constant positive energy because this energy is what gives them their life, it give's them the luck they want to live a happy and fulfilled life. Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying this is wrong. I am the first person who will scroll past if I see something I know I'm not going to like, or not open the news article if it has a horrid headline. But I can't not think about the plastic that has been found in the ice in the Artic circle or the fact the Amazon has been on fire for over 3 weeks. I feel it's just morally wrong.

I literally do my best in keeping a positive energy and mental attitude but in doing so and not taking in what is going on in the world I feel like I am failing not only this beautiful planet but my children and all our future generations.

Why are they going to have to live in these dreadful conditions all because we turned a (supposedly positive) blind eye when we needed to channel this positive energy in opening the eyes of the ignorant?!

We have to work together especially if we want to make a change. So I cannot sit back and annoy my family anymore. I am making it my mission to spread my annoying positive energy to all the those meat eating, palm oil using plastic wasters!


Well partly.....

I am going to be annoying (can't change a habit of a lifetime) but I'm not asking everyone to become grass eating, cave living barbarians. I just want to show how we can make small changes in our everyday ways that can have a huge impact on the planet.

So stay tuned for my tips on how to live a greener and maybe even healthier (I know, I know..I'm trying too!) lifestyle without having to break the bank. I'm even going to try and make it convenient as hell as we all know that everyone has a busy life style and who even works 9-5 anymore! And Monday to Friday...pffft!

So if your a busy parent, running your own business whilst tackling global warming all while trying to keep a good mental health, lay off the chocolate and get your kids to school on time....

It can be done...I'm promise you!

We've got this


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