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You can't please everyone!

Now that is the biggest understatement if ever I heard one.

Looking back at when I first started my venture into business I cringe. I can't believe how naive I was (albeit still am) but I was so desperate to sell my items I was practically paying people to buy my stock. I would go out of my way to try and please people, even though I had worked in retail since I was 14 so have been exposed to the general public for a while. I know in my heart of hearts I could never please everyone however I still wanted to try.

One of my first items was a dress I made for children. That exact same dress I made for my nieces to wear to my wedding. I was so pleased with the outcome I decided to make it in a different fabric to make it an every day dress. It took me hours to make and I was selling it for £5.00 INCLUDING P&P. I shake my head as I write this as I know now they were worth more than that even without P&P. This particular customer however still wasn't happy....!

I relied a lot on social media to show my stock and as everyone is probably aware there is a lot of competition on social media, therefore my desperation to sell something, anything!

Since then I have been in a couple of outlets selling my items always worrying about what people think. If the price is too high - what makes that so special I can get it cheaper somewhere else, or too low - there must be something wrong if its that cheap. If someone can make it better and their telling everyone they can do it better or its easy to make they could make it themselves. Feeling like I'm constantly being reviewed and the review is public so as soon as someone comes close to my stock they will hear everyones review with a one star flashing up! (Ok, first to admit imagination runs away with me a bit but you get my drift)

But since I have opened my shop Unique Retail I have learnt that you cannot please everyone full stop. Don't get me wrong you can try but there will always be something or someone!

When I opened Unique Retail I had this stupid illusion that as I was a crafter that all crafters would be generally the same! They just want to sell their stock so they can carry on doing what they love to do.

How wrong I could be!

I have met crafters who do nothing but moan, for example if they sell there not happy they have to stock up but if they don't then why haven't they sold anything (seriously!) if some of them get orders for a personalised items...why can't they just buy off the shelf?!

As I write I think how funny it is that just because you're in a select group (i.e. fellow crafter) you will be the same when it comes to such things like making sales (doing a little happy dance!). However people are not the same regardless of interests. They only see more work rather than someone wanted something they have made!

Thankfully I have met some really lovely people of whom I have become very good friends with and wished I had met earlier in my crafting career!

Moral of the cannot please everyone! Even if they are a fellow crafter!

There will always be that one person who thinks they can do it better, or cheaper, or are just generally not happy! Forget them!

I just sold a painting yesterday which cost £125 and was of a naked lady (just the outline) on top of layered paper. I hated it but someone else absolutely loved it! This just shows it takes all sorts and what maybe not right for one person can be and will be for someone else!

So relax, just be you! And enjoy it! Don't change to try and fit in with what people want you to be or what society says you have to be.

One box does not fit all!

Kay :-)

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